Machinery Rebuild


Automated Production Machinery Ltd. also offers a complete machinery rebuild service for when this approach is more cost effective than building a completely new machine.

A partial list of machinery equipment rebuild services offered by us includes the following:

  • Cycle time improvement
  • Machine gibs replaced and fitted
  • Hydraulic circuits refurbished or rebuilt
  • Servo drives rebuilt, upgraded or added
  • Ball screw assemblies refurbished, or replaced
  • Gear heads refurbished or redesigned and rebuilt
  • Existing relay or pneumatic logic replaced with PLC
  • Complete spindle and spindle drives rebuilt or replaced
  • Advanced technology and position controls incorporated
  • Safety standards of machine brought to current requirements
  • Electronic controls and operator interface upgraded or added
  • Auto load and/or unload capability added to manual load machines
  • Older equipment modified to produce new products or multiple products
  • In process gauging incorporated into existing production cells or machines
  • Ergonomics of the machine upgraded to improve operator comfort and productivity.

Factory Automation Machinery Rebuilding

Please contact us for more information - Call 905-662-7779.

Machinery Rebuild Before

Machinery Rebuild After

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